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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Treat for Friendship

I was working on my dd's album but I organized a swap and I need to do a "Treat for Friendship" so I have to work on that too! (Don't asked me how can I make it, because I really don't know! I don't know where from I get time to do all the things you do, my day is always in fast motion, I wish I can have someone recording my day! it have to be funny!) Well, just want to share what I create for my FRIEND! I hope she likes it! at least I know that she is waiting for it! lol (I sent another box filled with Marshmallow Pies, and I forgot to take a picture!



Jannette said...

Love every detail, creativity and time that you put on this! I am the lucky recipient of these beautifull things! Thanks my friend and have a happy valentines day!

Jane said...

How very pretty. I'm sure the treats were worth waiting for!


Ivette Otero said...

diana quiero hacer estos treats para el shower de darleen