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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday of Challenge!

***EDITED*** Picture is on Friday post!!

This is a quick post because I am really tired and I need to finish a couple of stuff!! I had a not so good day, I can't say that it was bad because I have my family and we had a great day at school today! But I have been having issues with my cell phone for 3 weeks! and today I decided to call the company and I did it 3 times during the morning call the lady re-programed my phone and it was working, then when I was cooking again it wasn't working during the call it was taking TOO MUCH! and I said I will call later because I need to eat, lol! Then I called when I eat and the guy told me that I should go to the store to change the phone (I argued because I thought is was not the phone) but I went to the store, I wait TWO hours there so they can check my phone, when I heard (sorry, my bad) a WHOLE family that just came in to say that they are having my same problem BUT the answer to them was different!! THEY ARE HAVING NETWORK ISSUES IN MY AREA!! but they never asked me where I live!!! So I came home with the same phone and the same ISSUE!! because they are having network problems in my area!! Enough rambling for now!!

The challenge for this week (YES!! I did a card, wohoooooooo, I need to relax!!) is to do a card with a new set, or Christmas card or simply share something you did today just for the FUN of play with rubber!!

I will post my card later, my kitty wants to play now!


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1 comment:

Patti J. said...

Sorry you had such a stressful day! Technology is wonderful when it works! However, when it doesn't..... lol!!! Okay sweetie, am I looking in the wrong place? I don't see your card! Hope your day is better today. You'll be on my mind!