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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

Hello and Happy NEW YEAR!!

I am soo happy to start a new year! I wish you all the best this new year and lots of stamps to have fun! LOL

Seriously, I want to said that 2007 was a great year for me in all aspects, family, personal and professional, yes stamping is my passion and share with you is my profession!

My girls are doing pretty well with the homeschool and that means a lot for me! They love to share my passion and the hav talent!! (I am not the only one that said so! LOL) and they are BIG!! I do not have babies anymore!!

I have a great husband that loves me and supports me and I can share with him what I am doing (sometimes he takes my creations, but that is FUN too)We have grow a lot this year and we have a special time together!

We went to Texas!! We want to move over there so we went on June to see if that can be a dream come true, so we still working on that!

I signed up with TAC in 2006 so I went to my FIRST seminar last year and I won a CROWN, LOL!! it was not the crown, it was the fact that they recognized me for being a Rising Star and a Top Recruiter, for me it was a surprise and a great one, because I just went to have fun and to met my online Angel Friends! I love to share with everyone about my passion and that is all that I do! is a blessing for me!

Then I started this blog on August and I remember that my DH asked me do someone read your blog? LOL, I want to said now that YES!! someone reads my blog! it has only being almost 5 months next week and I have a lil bit more than 9,500 hits! so someone likes my blog, LOL!

WOW, now I have more FRIENDS!! and that is PRICELESS!!

Thanks for all your support and your friendship! I am going to start some new projects so keep your eyes around, I can not wait to start!!



Scr@p and More said...

Gracias a ti amiguita eres la mejor!!!Gracias a ti encontre el mundo maravilloso del stamping y siempre estas hay para escuchar mis dudas y preguntas
Claro que tienes talento y lo que te propones lo haces te felicito !!espero este a~no sea de mucho exito para ti!!

stampingbalou said...

Diana, this card is so gordeous, a really fabulous combination of colors, images and words... Great hug from Heike (SBS4)