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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look all the things I have being working!

Here are some of my latest work!! I was invited to a TV show here in Puerto Rico "Among US" (Entre Nosotras) and this was the projects I create for that! I will going to try to add the show here!! I just need to get my copy so I can work with it!!

Those things with the scallops are Marshmallow Pies!! My daughter was at the market with DH and when she look at those she said: "look Daddy those are like momy's punches!!" So they bring 2 boxes for me!! LOL

Hope you enjoy them, look for the tutorial on this projects later!



Rosalyn López said...

I love it!!!! I saw the show and you did it SUPER GREAT!!! You look so natural, no nerves! Beautiful fast and easy projects!!!
I'am really very proud of my BFF!!

xoxo, Rosalyn

"Jany" said...

Oh my!!!! I missed it!!! and there is TV here at work. If I knew I would had the boys yell at me at your apparition. They have that channel on the whole day. And such beautiful creations!