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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sneek Peak!! and a lil about me!!

Just a few lines to share with you, some of the stamps that are going to be on the NEW FALL SUPLEMENT from TAC!! aren't they great! I love them! specially the Thank U, the Marvelous mottos and the Love Blooms!! ohhhhhhh I almost forget the OWLS!! I need to have them!!! there are more sets but this are the ones I LOVE!! and need to have NOW!! lol!

I will share more with you tomorrow! I had a long week!! this past week, my daughters were sick! and I have a lot to read for my class, projects that I did for the Wingers DT and I even submit for a TAC contest!!!, it was raining so much here! that it was so difficult to get great shots from my projects, my router is damage and I don't have access to the internet from my computer!! what else? well I had a workshop yesterday!! (I have so much fun!!, we did 3 project since it was Project Day workshop, I will share with you this week, I promise) so a lot to share this week! Keep watching and thanks for visiting me!!


PS Don't forget that last day to order the Special Woodrowe Kit is Sept 2!! need more details? check here

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A couple of things and a share!

First I want to share a card with you (I will show you just one, because the pic with all of them wasn't a good one, beleive me this one looks better, lol), it was done using Prima Flowers, Swiss Dot Emb Folder, Mimi Collection and Birthday Wishes stamp set from TAC!

Second, I want to apologize for the Wednesday Challenge! ohhhhhhhhh I tried real hard to keep my blog updated daily! but sometimes is really impossible! and I need to be realistic, so I can't do a commitment on posting weekly challenges because with this crazy life, I know that sometimes is going to be impossible for me, I'm going to try to plan ahead of time and post various challenges together with different dates and see what happen if I can't make it that way either! I need to give up! I'm really sorry!! about it!

Third! I want to share the last award I received, this one came from Lisa one my sister from the Angelhood! Thanks Lisa! I really apreciate it. I invites you to check her blog, she is very talented!! and have an awesome lil boy!

and last but not least! I need to laugh!! and share with you. I was working with this cards I need to do! and I want to be easy! you know what I mean? that sounds familiar? Well the thing is that I did them quite a fast! with a design on my mind, and it was 6 cards! and when I open my blog is more or less the same sketch of the last card I shared with you! It was sooooo funny!! I didn't even look at it!!
Hope you enjoy it!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Masculine Card

For me that is one of the hardest thing!! since I have all girls is kind of difficult for me, is not that hard when I do something for DH because is not just a masculine card is a LOVE!! card lol! but the other night I was checking my regular papers and found this papers and I tought it can be a great challenge to come up with a masculine card! and here are the results (papers are My mind's eye) the stamp is a past GWP from TAC! is a great one!!


PS Remember tomorrow is Challenge time!! have you done something for last week challenge? post it here!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My first time with 2S4U

I was reading for my Monday's class but I was getting tired and decided to do a lil bit of blog surfing just to not forget about creativity!! lol! so I visit a dear friend's blog and click on 2S4U link there (you know what I mean? I have visited that site before, but I was just doing a lil bit of excercise!! and went from a blog to another) and I said to myself, well you just get soooo creative that you need to do this sketch NOW!! Be sure to check the blog here, there are AWESOME sketches and awesome samples!

So here is my entry, hope you like it, I enjoy a lot doing it!! first thoughts when I look at the sketch was Angelee, but then I said it should be BRIGHT papers!! but at the end, I did it with ANGELEE (it was about an hour to decided to go with Angelee!!) I love the romantic touch of this TAC collection!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks! and another card to share

I'm sooooooo happy to count with you in my life! is always a pleasure to read your comments!! thank you so much for your well wishes with the class and everything!! Is such a blessing to read your comments!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I want to share this simple card I did the other night! I was trying to come with a nice, simple, quick and economy card! (you know what I mean? just not to use that much stuff on it!) well this is what I came with! I used the new flower punch and super Jumbo scallop circle punches that TAC carries, I use some felt for the circle, the paper is Tutti Fruti and the stamp is Always Remember, I also used the Crop-a-dile to make the punches on the flower!! It was made in less than 5 minutes (I even cut the circle with my sizzix).

Hope you enjoy it! I'm planning on a new video tutorial so stay tune!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge is BACK!!

Yessssss!!! I know you have missed it, but I was sooooo busy (I'm still busy) that I couldn't think about it. Thanks for all your messages about it, now is BACK!!

Here we are going to star with a DOUBLE challenge! yes, you had a nice vacations from me! lol!!

Here is a notebook I altered (for my Psychopathology class, yes I forgot to buy a notebook and my lil daughter gave me one that she got at Sunday School because it was for boys - a hotwheels notebook!). So the challenge is to alter anything!! and the DOUBLE part is that you should use FELT!! those flowers I did it with some felt and my Sizzix! so you can do the DOUBLE challenge or you can do one of them, anything goes!!

Please post a link to your blog or gallery here with your creation! Have FUN!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Christmas card and an Update!

I'm sooo excited!! yesterday we started our Homeschooling Year! and we did great!! lol. Girls are so HAPPY about it! is such a blessing that your kids love to learn with you, have fun with you and stay together more time!! I was sooooo impress that they want to start the school!! and they woke up early and did everything quick!! lol!

Well yesterday I started my Psychopathology, Human Development and Counseling class too! and it was really GREAT!! I like a lot what we discuss yesterday! it was so much fun to be again at the University! (I was kind a lost!! but well, it have being 6 years!! since I finished my MEd) I know that is going to be a lot of work, but I'm ready for it!! lol. The professor is awesone! He was one of the reasons I decided to take the class, if it wasn't him, I wouldn't be interested in the class, lol, yes, he knows it! I really like his style and he is really professional and knows what he is talking about!! I know I'm going to learn a lot, so if I decide to practice my profession (I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor) I feel I'm going to be better trained with it! I love my profession because I love to help others, that's why I enjoy so much to teach others the art of Scrapbooking and Stamping is on my blood, lol!

Here is a card I did for a swap, I thought I share this with you, but now I noticed that I don't so here it is!!


Friday, August 08, 2008


I can't beleive it!! this year goes so fast!! I want to say THANKS to all of you that visit my blog and comment either about my life and my artwork. I have to say that I feel like I have TONS of friends around the world, INTERNET is awesome and BLOGGER is too, lol!! is really nice to have this space to write and share with you! and is better when I read your comments, it is really a blessing for me! I also want to say thanks to Kelly L my dear SBsiter! because she was celebrating her blogoversary yesterday, so I decide to check when is mine!! and that way I just noticed that I started to blog regulary on August 8, 2007!! it was so much fun! (well I open the account with blogger back in 2005 BUT just last year! I decided to start working with it regularly, well not that much during summer, right?)

Here is a card I did for TODAY! to celebrate the BLOGOVERSARY (even do I used a Happy Birthday Stamp - Linear Sentiments from TAC) and the box with stuff!! yessssssssss, is my Surprise Box from TAC also!! is worth almost $200 and it only cost me $75!! yihaaaaaa, I'm doing the happy dance!! if you want more details about this promo let me know because it only runs until August 15 or while supplies last! get yours NOW!


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Here I am baby!!

Wow, I have been pretty busy with life during summer!! and on Monday I start a class at the University (Psicophatology). So with the homeschooling, my workshops and the class I hope to have time to post every day (well on Monday I don't think I can post anything unles I can talk about the class!!) I am so happy with the class on Saturday, it was a lot of fun!! Here is the mini album we worked with Reece paper from TAC! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection, is just so beautiful!! We use the papers and the cardstocks to make a 6 X 6 album.

I also want to remember you about the Specials TAC is having this month, be sure to check the previous post! and there is ONLY 4 days to take advantage of the Special Promo for New Angels, is a great promo, so check it out here!!

I want to say THANKS to some awesome ladies that choosed me for some awards, is really nice to have a break and want to go blog surfing and found some awards for you!! Thank you very much, here are the latest awards:

This are the rules (Estas son las reglas):

1- Add the link of the person who gives you the award (Poner el link de la persona que lo concede)Yesy y Cheyra

2- Write this (Poner lo siguiente):
"Everyone loves blogs, almost all blogs persue to show their marvelous creations and to make new friends; some people don't care when they receive awards and with this they choose to break those ties that we have try to create. Do you want to break this or do you want to spread them? if you want to spread them please pay more atention to that". ("A todas nos encantan los blogs, en la mayoría, sus objetivos son mostrar las maravillas y hacer amistades; hay personas que no se interesan cuando les damos un premio y de esta manera contribuyen a cortar esos lazos. ¿Queremos que se corten o que se propaguen?, entonces tratemos de prestar más atención a ellos.")

3- Choose 8 bloggers that should do the same and add this message: "I'm not going to be the one that breaks this award chain" and my I wish with all my heart the proximity that this award refers to... maybe my nominees are surprised but to honor this award and get to know you better, I really admires you... My nominees are: (Debemos entregarlo a 8 blogueras que deben hacer lo mismo y poner el texto: "No seré yo quien rompa la cadena de premios" ,y deseo de corazón esa proximidad de la que refiere el premio... quizás les sorprenda a mis premiadas pero, para hacerle honor al premio, y llegar a conocerlas mas... son todas lindas, y admirables... así que MIS PREMIADAS SON:)

Anita, Evelyn, Mireia, Zazil,Rita, Percy, Jany and Seleise

Also I got this award again (5 times nominee) from Jessica, Evelyn- Baby Boricua and Anita. Thank you very much for choosing me for this awards!! I'm really happy that you think on me for this awards!! Love ya!! so very much!!

Love ya,

Friday, August 01, 2008

August is starting BIG!! check this out!

Hello everyone!

I still working on some stuff here! but I want to show you quickly all the Special and Promos from TAC!! then I will try to go deep with this specTACular promos, but I don't want that you miss any of them so I will post it this right now!

Surprise Boxes $75 and have at least $150 in products (I can tell you is always lot more, I ordered mine already!)

Would you like to meet Woodrowe? this kit is awesome!! you can create 2 GREAT mini albums and it have ribbons, hardware and 2 stamps sets, this is a must have!

Perfect palette for pennies This great collection is awesome to work with! and for only $10 you get a LOT!! trust me is a great special!!

Just Dreamy A stamp set you don't want to miss! you can create gorgeous cards and projects!! and is only $7.95

Stamp of the month This great stamp is a neat one, is called Essence of Life and the type font is truly great! check it out

Want more discounts? Grab a pair of wings and start saving to get more for your favorites products!! Join TAC and get a lot more freebies before August 11. Our minimums are only $100 every 4 months! and you can get free stamps and ½ price products, contact me!

And last but not least, ENTER TO WIN! this is a great promo TAC is having you can get $49.30 in FREE products just for fill the form on the site, go and do it, the next winner can be you! they just announced the winners from last month!

If you have any question or if you want to place an order or join TAC, contact me and I can help you with everything! Even if you are out of USA you can shop with me!


PS The kit here is part of the one you can WIN and part of the Want to meet Woodrobe SPECIAL!