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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sneek Peak!! and a lil about me!!

Just a few lines to share with you, some of the stamps that are going to be on the NEW FALL SUPLEMENT from TAC!! aren't they great! I love them! specially the Thank U, the Marvelous mottos and the Love Blooms!! ohhhhhhh I almost forget the OWLS!! I need to have them!!! there are more sets but this are the ones I LOVE!! and need to have NOW!! lol!

I will share more with you tomorrow! I had a long week!! this past week, my daughters were sick! and I have a lot to read for my class, projects that I did for the Wingers DT and I even submit for a TAC contest!!!, it was raining so much here! that it was so difficult to get great shots from my projects, my router is damage and I don't have access to the internet from my computer!! what else? well I had a workshop yesterday!! (I have so much fun!!, we did 3 project since it was Project Day workshop, I will share with you this week, I promise) so a lot to share this week! Keep watching and thanks for visiting me!!


PS Don't forget that last day to order the Special Woodrowe Kit is Sept 2!! need more details? check here


Seleise said...

hope your daughters are feeling better now and hope your router gets fixed soon!

Angela K said...

Hope your girls are feeling better, and no more computer problems!!