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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Here I am baby!!

Wow, I have been pretty busy with life during summer!! and on Monday I start a class at the University (Psicophatology). So with the homeschooling, my workshops and the class I hope to have time to post every day (well on Monday I don't think I can post anything unles I can talk about the class!!) I am so happy with the class on Saturday, it was a lot of fun!! Here is the mini album we worked with Reece paper from TAC! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection, is just so beautiful!! We use the papers and the cardstocks to make a 6 X 6 album.

I also want to remember you about the Specials TAC is having this month, be sure to check the previous post! and there is ONLY 4 days to take advantage of the Special Promo for New Angels, is a great promo, so check it out here!!

I want to say THANKS to some awesome ladies that choosed me for some awards, is really nice to have a break and want to go blog surfing and found some awards for you!! Thank you very much, here are the latest awards:

This are the rules (Estas son las reglas):

1- Add the link of the person who gives you the award (Poner el link de la persona que lo concede)Yesy y Cheyra

2- Write this (Poner lo siguiente):
"Everyone loves blogs, almost all blogs persue to show their marvelous creations and to make new friends; some people don't care when they receive awards and with this they choose to break those ties that we have try to create. Do you want to break this or do you want to spread them? if you want to spread them please pay more atention to that". ("A todas nos encantan los blogs, en la mayoría, sus objetivos son mostrar las maravillas y hacer amistades; hay personas que no se interesan cuando les damos un premio y de esta manera contribuyen a cortar esos lazos. ¿Queremos que se corten o que se propaguen?, entonces tratemos de prestar más atención a ellos.")

3- Choose 8 bloggers that should do the same and add this message: "I'm not going to be the one that breaks this award chain" and my I wish with all my heart the proximity that this award refers to... maybe my nominees are surprised but to honor this award and get to know you better, I really admires you... My nominees are: (Debemos entregarlo a 8 blogueras que deben hacer lo mismo y poner el texto: "No seré yo quien rompa la cadena de premios" ,y deseo de corazón esa proximidad de la que refiere el premio... quizás les sorprenda a mis premiadas pero, para hacerle honor al premio, y llegar a conocerlas mas... son todas lindas, y admirables... así que MIS PREMIADAS SON:)

Anita, Evelyn, Mireia, Zazil,Rita, Percy, Jany and Seleise

Also I got this award again (5 times nominee) from Jessica, Evelyn- Baby Boricua and Anita. Thank you very much for choosing me for this awards!! I'm really happy that you think on me for this awards!! Love ya!! so very much!!

Love ya,


Lisadwb said...

Your album is beautiful!! I enjoy seeing everyone working. Looks like a great time.

Carmen said...

Hi Diana! Here to say~~~~TAG UR IT! Stop by my blog to play. Bye.

Angela K said...

Diana, Beautiful Mini Album, TFS!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Very nice!

Happy blogoversary!

Lisa said...

Nice project Diana.I bet everyone had a great time!

Scrap with the soul said...

Gracias Diana por el honor de poder llagar a ser mas que tu clienta, tu amiga. Espero podamos seguir cultivando esta amistad.

Sony said...

Que bellos los papeles del mini album... te quedo lindisimo.

scrappernic said...

Love your album--beautiful! Hard to think about Christmas already, but I just got CTMH's new Christmas stuff too, so it is time :)