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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Inspirational Sunday!

Today I am really late, ohhhh no!! again? Anyway I want to share why does this happened today!!! since it was a miracle from above!! You already know that we were selling our house in PR and hey it has been more than a year now and I remembered when we start selling the house (DH moved in August 2010) I told him don't worry, we will sell the house by October and everything is going to be alright!! LOL that was October 2010 I was talking about, here we are a YEAR later and we haven't sell the house!! We have done everything, we fixed everything the house need it, we listed for sell, we showed it to prospect and nothing, later we hired a realtor and nothing, we asked everyone that pray for us, we pray day and night and nothing you see what I am talking about? Yes, it is in the Lord's time, not my time!! Today we received an offer from a lady, omg!! we have the house for sell really under price!! and her offer is 12k less that our asking price that have a REALLY BIG discount!! plus all the money we have spent in the monthly mortgage payment!!! yikes!!

I cried, I prayed and I tell the Lord, I know this is the answer to our prayers, PLEASE let me do it, I know it's better to sell that keep loosing money, but ohhhh this is too much!! I trust you and I know it's the best for us, let me believe it!! but how painful is to giveaway all that money, time and love we put into the house to a stranger!! We asked you for the right person, but I am not sure why I don't feel she is the right person!! My husband told me okay, let it go and we will talk later about this! don't rush anything, just let pray and see! A few hours later my BIL called us and we found out that one of my DH's nieces is looking for a house and the place she likes the most is where our house is!!! They called us to know if we sell the house already and she went to see the house! (thanks to my BFF that is always there for me, thank you my sister!!) and tomorrow they will start the process, she is already qualified so hopefully she is the one!! Please pray for the deal, I know God is in control and we have pray for the right time, the right price and the right person, I think everything is in, and I am grateful for that! Now we feel better, we still going to loose a lot of money, but we will bless a new family (they have a boy!) to start building their dreams and that's such a blessing for us!!! I praise the Lord about it!!


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Angela K said...

I hope it will all work out just perfectly!!

Debra Miller said...

Praying for you Diana. Praying you have peace and all goes beautifully!

Scrap with the soul said...

Amiga seguimos orando y confiando. Un abrazo