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Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Keep it Simple Card!

Hello dear friends and followers! I will keep my challenge as long as I can, so don't worry please! (I got some e-mails about yesterday post, but please don't worry!!) THANKS for your comments and e-mails, that made my day today!! I hope you can join me in this week challenge, is an easy one! Hope you get inspired by my simple card!

PLUS!! I want to share with you that I will be posting soon my May WOW blogger! (yes, a little bit late, lol) I sent the kit in May 2 but it wasn't until last week that my guest received the kit and she is working with it! so please don't miss out this one!! I LOVE what she does every day! so I know you are going to like what she is going to do!! She is soooo talented!

Anyway, here my card I use some scraps I had on my table because today is Burn Notice premiere and I want to watch it! I love Fiona, lol!! I used the Rustic Chic paper wich I LOVE!, the Friendship Strip, Fancy Curls and Hello Sunshine (this one was a Limited set in May) Stamps and the Flower Punch that I love! and have some ready to go in my table!

Have a bless night!


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Edited to add: I was in such a hurry yesterday night that I didn't write that I got my inspiration from my dear friend and angel Barb Foster, she is such a talented girl!!


Barb said...

Lovely card, Diana! Simple and sweet :)

Jane said...

Cute card. Sometimes I forget that paper can be your main "image". I just made a set of 10 wedding thank you cards that were simple and easy to reproduce. They are posted on my blog if you want to look. I also made two more cards this weekend that were simple but I haven't posted them yet.