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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You've been on my mind!

Just a quick post since I have been feeling not so good lately! But I want to share this card with you(the picture is not that good) I did it for a friend! so is on his way!! I have been doing a lot of cards without pattern paper and I really love it!! but I did two cards with a lil bit of pattern paper I hope to share with you soon (light is not great here lately!)

I will chat a lil bit more later since my parents are here visiting and I need to spend all the time I can with them!

Love ya!

2 comments: said...

I have really been enjoying your simplistic look lately!

Seleise said...

Love your card - it's so cute! and, thank you for the beautiful card you sent me! I love it!!!! What a wonderful way to brighten the day!

Hope you get to feeling better!