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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fond Farewell Blog Hop

Today we "angels" want to honor TAC for everything TAC has done for us! The last 6 years of my life have been so wonderful to me! Lots of friends, lots of love, lots of great memories that will be on my mind forever! I will certainly treasure in my heart!

I remembered the first time I was introduced to TAC, I want ALL the stamps in that catalog, I was sooo excited that I want to switch companies (I was with Leaving Prints) but the "angel" didn't want to recruit me, she didn't want competition, yikes!!! So glad that happened because then I found Jackie Baugrud online and she welcome me to her Creative Cherubs team! So blessed to get to know her and call her my friend! I sooo love my mamma!

Through her wisdom I started with the right foot! and through the wonderful tips and advice from my dear Ginger I did the Perfect Start Program, those first 3 months were sooo specTACular that I still remember when I submitted the last order I need that last day, remembered all the support from the Customer Service girls (Betty, Shannon, Shari, Jodi and another sweet girl that started with TAC by that time, I couldn't meet her in person)

During my first year I made it to Manager!!! I was sooo excited that DH pushed me to go to Seminar! oh mine, I was scare! but as soon as I got to the shuttle bus everyone there welcome me with so much enthusiasm that I felt like at home (Della Sue, Sandy Gordon, Denisse and others! thanks!) I was late for Club Med and I didn't want to go, but the girls insisted I have to go, so on my way I found Jessica Shaw (from HO) that was screaming run Diana, run! I was in shock, she knew me!! Right there I found Jackie and Ginger and the "Creative Cherubs" the rest is history. I never missed a Seminar (and I almost didn't go to the last one, so thankful for the special angel that did that dream come true, love ya!)

Talking about angels, I want to take this time to talk about our most wonderful angel: Mischelle Smith. I want to say thanks to her, because with her dream she helped so many of us! She inspired us, she was there for us and she get out the best of us! Thanks to the Smith (Kevin, Boy and Sophie) also to Mary and Cathy, thanks for making me feel part of the family! I remember the first Seminar! I was so scare, so confused (if you think you don't understand my English now, ohhhh you have to be thankful you weren't there the first year, lol) but even with all that, they were so supportive and so nice to me! and I mean I really bother them that first year, oh well, I did it every year, lol! Thanks with all my heart!

Oh well, I am not going to keep this because I am going to start crying again, so wonderful memories, so many blessings, hope you enjoy the ride with us visiting others blog as a tribute to the most wonderful Stamping Direct Selling company out there (even when this economy didn't let us continue!) TAC will always be in our hearts! TAC helped so many of us to deal with a lot of things and best of all TAC made our dreams come true and through this I have made so many angels that I call my FRIENDS!

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Donna said...

What a perfect card for our final blog hop! I enjoyed visiting at seminar.

Wendy Zick said...

Thanks for sharing your card and memories.

Julie Robinson said...

What a wonderful card..... Diana - it has been SUCH A pleasure to get to know you through TAC. You are an increible human being, and a wonderful person! I will miss you next June..... We must keep in touch!

Chelsea said...

What great memories we have! I love that I got to meet you at a few seminars .. you make me smile! Greatcard and perfect for this hop!

Angela K said...

Great card dear Friend!! So glad I got to room with and get to know you, it was the cherry on top of one of the best experiences of my life!! Hugs to you!! :)

Debra Miller said...

What amazing memories Diana, thanks for sharing them! Hugs to you sweetie!

Seleise said...

beautiful stories, Diana, and great card! I was so glad to meet you at seminar and even more glad to have you as a friend! Great card! So glad TAC brought us all together! Thank you for always being so positive and supportive!!! See you on Facebook and in the blogging world!

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Nice tribute to TAC, Diana. How we will miss TAC and our family there!

Char said...

What a great tribute!!! I am so glad I got to meet you at seminar!!! And, even more glad that I can stay in touch via PW.


Glittered Paws said...

What a final tribute in your card - love reading your memories - loved giong to seminars, love following your blog and love you inspirations. Friendships will continue. Hugs to a dear angel.

Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

Great card! Your memories made me laugh and made me cry. Love YA! :) I posted a bit late, but it's there now.

Teresa Jenkins said...

I <3 You Diana! You are such a gem and I loved meeting you this year... I can totally relate to your first time at seminar story... except I wasn't late.. just nervous! Good luck in whatever the future holds for you!

Rita said...

Wonderful card and wonderful memories. You had a fabulous upline with Jackie for sure. And remember the skirt I made you for the sock hop? And how you ended up with so many goodies to take home with you that they you couldn't fit them into your luggage and I took them with me and mailed them to you. You're so sweet Diana - stay that way. See you on Facebook and on your blog.

Christine Pennington said...

okay--I am back to leave you some my friend are one special lady. your inner beauty shines and your outer beauty matches...i don't say about very many people. your love for your family is inspiring, your love for our GOD is even more inspiring. thank you for being my friend. i look forward to our year ahead and watching those beautiful girls grow. do know that i am a phone call away. love ya and miss ya!

Laura said...

Great card for the hop! Thanks for sharing your memories of you time with TAC! And I agree... definitley the best company of its type out there!

Angie said...

Diana I cherish you as one of my friends! The way you share your love of creating and your joy of life with everyone is incredible. I'm blessed to call you a friend and I will ALWAYS call you my friend!

Sandy said...

Diana what fun it was to meet you on that bus! So glad we continue to stay in touch! Talk to you on PW & FB!

cdeasey said...

Beautiful! I am so glad that we got to share a ride to seminar this year. We never dreamed it would be our last one. Please keep in touch since we do live so close to each other.
Blessings always on you and your family.

StampinCarol said...

I am SO glad you jumped on me that Seminar and we became friends! I cherish your friendship and love your enthusiasm. I'm following your blog and know I'll keep seeing wonderful projects from you! Hugs!

Carol said...

It has been a pleasure getting to know are such a special, wonderful individual. I will so miss not seeing this coming June. Love you, girlfriend.

Stacy said...

What a great card! Love it - TFS!

Cynthia said...

Diana, Love your card and appreciate your friendship so much. Thank you for sharing!

Kim said...

What wonderful memories of TAC!
Your card is Beautiful Diana!

Thanks for always seeing the positive side of everything & being an inspiration to so many of us!!

Hugs to you dear friend as you continue with your next journey!

Rita Kegg said...

Diana ... your are so talented in so many areas and I have been blessed to have meant you. I love you work ... I love your spirit and I love your words and how you bless so many with them. I will keep in touch with your blog. Blessings