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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TAC Seminar News!!

I know I've been MIA again!! and one of the reasons (the first one is the school year) is that I got a call from an ANGEL that wants for me to go to Seminar this year!! I have to tell you that with all the things happening in my life, this year I wasn't planning to go to Seminar. That was a pretty hard decission for me and one that made me cry A LOT!! I love TAC and I love to go to Seminar to see Mischelle and her family and ALL MY ANGELS friends!! I was sooo sad about it, but then suddenly this opportunity came out of the blue!! I was in TOTAL SHOCK!!! and I didn't know what to say. I wait for DH to come and talk with him, the thing is that I found a ticket for $150 less that what I've seen previously!! so I put it on hold!! Oh well, to make the story short (it's really LONG) I didn't do it on time, but then DH received a call that the class he was going to be teaching was cancel and I cried!!! because the airfare WAS up for $150, lol!!! Then I remembered that the reason I was flying was DH class!!!! (everyone was driving on Wednesday!) so I called my DF Cindie and I am driving with a bunch of SUPER COOL friends from here and I can't wait to be there!!!

All that stress (in the good way) plus other things happening in my life made me be MIA again! I am sooo sorry about that!!

Here I am sharing a card I did for a Virtual Swap, but I couldn't post it in time because my blog was giving me a hard time to post!! Anyway I want to share with all of you! If you don't read more about from me for a while is just because I am getting all my trades ready for Seminar (next week) and I have to finish some stuff here too!! Hope to share with you soon!


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Shirley Hotop said...

I am so...happy for you - blessing come when we least expect them - I will see you at seminar.

StampinCarol said...

Can't wait to see you next week!! Hugs are waiting!

Kim said...

Wonderful card!!! Have a great time at seminar!