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Friday, May 23, 2008

Blog Candy Winners!!

Hello everyone!! I just have a crazy day!! It all start with a visit to the University to enroll in a class!! yeahhhhhhhh I'm going to take a class next semester! crazy! I know!!

Then it was raining a lot here!! and I received a visit!! My dear friend Yarimar came to my house and she brings me something very SPECIAL!! I will share later because I need to take a picture! but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! She is an ANGEL!! a true one!! Thanks FRIEND!!

Then since it is Friday we rent a movie, last week we went to the theater to see Narnia 2: Prince Caspian!! I have to say that is not as good as the first one! the effects and the cast is awesome but the changes done to C.S. Lewis book is terrible!! the fights between Caspian and Peter!, the kiss and the Battle at Miraz castle! that was disgusting! is such a terrible thing to the characters of the kids!! THEY ARE SO DIFFERENT!!..., well I just need to vent, lol!! I still furious and that was last week!! lol!!

Well I need to announce the WINNERS!!!!

First I'm going to announce the winners of the images and/or punchies!!

The numbers were: 6 and 14!! catt871 and jenny! please contact me with your address and the images you may want and the colors you likes more!!

And the Candy Winner!! is # 21 sandyh50

Congrats to all of you and please contact me asap! so I can send your goodies before I go to Seminar!!


PS I will have another candy at the end of June!! (yeahhhhh new goodies!!)


sandyh50 said...

Woohoo, I won! Thanks Diana, I emailed you my address! Hope you had a great weekend.

Yanitza Ramos said...

Hola Diana,

Solo para saludarte y agradecerte por tus lindos comentarios! Has puesto muchas cositas lindas... por cierto, tu hijastra hizo un super lindo trabajo!! Felicidades a ella tambien!