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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inspirational Sunday!

I had a special weekend!!! it was my birthday and DH's birthday!! soo it was fun and fun!! and we even have some family time with my BIL and his wife!!! what a blessing for us!!

So I want to ask if you have be in touch with your love ones that aren't close to you? have you send your Christmas cards already? Remember this time we celebrate that Our Savior was born and that's the reason we give to others, because the one who LOVES us the most, comes to give Himself as a gift for US! so it's not time to celebrate something, it's time to celebrate the BEST thing that has happened to us. I have a spirit of giving always sometimes my DH called me Santa (and NO I don't celebrate Santa, but he tells me that because if it was for me and if I have the money, I will be giving to everyone that cross my path!!) I love to give because I have received SOOO MUCH!!! My message to you today is to choose someone (or more, but at least ONE person) to give something this Christmas, not your son, not your husband, someone that it's not in your list, someone that you know that needs to be taken care of! Of course I know you have your family members in your list so that is why they don't count, lol!!! Think and you will find someone, it will be fun if you share with me!!!

Have a bless week!!


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