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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

5th Week Challenge

Today Challenge is to work with one sheet of pattern paper and do as much cards as you can! I did 6 with mine of course I use white paper for the card base and an extra cardstock for layers, ribbons, brads and a saying stamp. Be sure to use only one sheet of pattern paper!

I did this card for a swap but you can do it for any cards needs you may need!

Hope to see more entries for this week!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Congrats Card and Challenge reminder!

Hope you are doing great!! I have being really busy! but that's part of being a wife, a mother and a friend!!

Here is a card I did lately (I don't even remember exactly when it was!!) it was also for my physical therapist who is expecting! She is so happy! and I want to say Congrats!!

I also want to remember you that tomorrow is the last day to submit your challenge for the 4th week!! and on Friday February 1st I am going to do the raffle with all the participants for this month!! You still have time to submit your mini album project, last day to submit is January 31st!! So if you haven't start you have time yet!

Hope to see a lot of entries for this two challenges! and tomorrow I will post the Challenge for Week #5!!

Until tomorrow!


For this card I used the How Swell Stamp set, I love this set!

February Prom - Pop Rockz Pack!!

Here is the latest promo from TAC!! We have two wonderful promos for February! because The Organization Bundle runs until February and now whe have this super cute!! pack!! Don't you love the Pop Rockz paper collection? and now for a limited time you can get the collection with a special stamp set for only $25.95!! WOW! that is amazing, the Pop Rockz alone is $19.95 and the stamp set is $15.95 value, so is a $9.95 saving plus the stamp is a limited edition that runs only on February!

Remember this promo starts on Friday and is only good through February!!


Monday, January 28, 2008

A super duper quick gift and card!!

Holly Molly!! I can not beleive that today was my last day at the Physical Therapy Center!! wohooooooooo!! but the therapist is awesome and I have nothing for her! I decided yesterday night to do a quick card for her but this morning I said, just a plain card? that was a NO, NO for me (if you know me you know that I love to give small gifts any time for no reason, just for the fun of seing a smile face!!) So I said I have some Beauti Control products here (yes I am a BC Girl, just for my products!! I love them!!) so I have some of one of my favorite products from BC the Herbal Serenity Foot Cream (if you have not try this, I just say go for this one is incredible!!) well I said yes I have the creme but now what!! so I keep doing my breakfast and start eating when I thought you have a Scor Pal you can make something quick!! (my appointment was at 9:30 and it was almost 9:00) so I finished my breakfast and came to my workshop and start doing something (my DH said: "aren't you late?, lol) so I start working quicker! and this is what I did!! I got the idea from Vicki, she did a project this week and I thought that I can adapt it to my foot cream bottle!! and I was right, lol, I love it and I know she loves it too!, she was very happy with her lil gift, you know I love to see people smiling!

Hope you like it! Yes!! again my Floral Favorites! and Scallop Punches!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've been tagged!


I have been tagged by Deb,a fellow SBS friend!

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. working as a Community Educator
2. doing my Master Degree studies
3. driving from my hometown to College
4. in a 2 doors car
5. sleeping less

Five things on my to do list today:
1. post this on here
2. work in a mini album for a customer
3. do some cards for swaps
4. work in a mini album for my DD's Birthday
5. working in a book my DH is writing

Five things I will do when I'm a millionaire:
1. Buy my dream house in Texas
2. Buy one for my parents close to me
3. Buy up every stamp, paper, tool I have ever wanted
4. Help the less fortunate (specially kids)
5. Travel two times a year (Spain, Australia, England, and more)

Five things I'll never wear again:
1. maternity wear
2. size 6 or more cloth
3. short skirts
4. tihg clothes
5. jump suit

Five of my favorite toys:
1. Stamps and ink
2. Die cuts machines
3. paper
4. Stickles
5. Scallop punches

Five banes of my existence:
1. driving in bad weather
2. house chores
3. busy shops
4. busy roads
5. having no time to scrap/stamp

I have to tag 5 people and I haven't ever tagged any of my SBS group so i will tag them: Jane, Jan S, Tracey, Alison and Seleise

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Look at this!

I love Floral Favorites, don't you? Is just an amazing set for any ocassion, if you just want a set to work with I will tell you go for this one! if you want a saying set to work with this check the Ordinary Greetings!! I just love that combination, so I ordered the OG set!!

Hope you like this! Is a coaster frame! Two coasters, this is the front, I did this project last year for one of my Stamp Camp, but the sets I used were retired so I this a new version!! I used the white gel pen to color the flowers, this add a special touch, I love the white gel pen too.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4th week challenge! Treats for Valentine

Hello! I am sad! LOL, there was no entries for this week, but since it was a Mini Album I am going to give you until January 31st to get your project in!! Is pretty easy give it a try! and if you have any question just let me know!

For today's challenge! I am going to keep in the LOVE LINE! and the projects I did for the TV Show! so you have the chance to work any of the project I did and you get a ticket for this months raffle!!

Mini Basket

Marshmallow Pies

Cut 2 Giga Scallops circles
Cut 1 Mega Scallop circle
Cut 1 Super Circle
Stamp the Super circle glue them together
and add one of the giga to the back of the pie with a double face tape
Glue the circle to the Mega and then to the scallop!
Attach this to the front of the pie with a double face tape, and you are done!!

Bag Toppers

This is the easier one! (I used a 3 X 3)
Get a bag with candies Cut a cardstock to fit your bag! (mine was 3 1/4 x 3)
Score it at 1.5" and embelish as desire! I used pattern paper and scallop punches stamp on it! and you are ready to go!

So hope to see a lot of entries for this one!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look all the things I have being working!

Here are some of my latest work!! I was invited to a TV show here in Puerto Rico "Among US" (Entre Nosotras) and this was the projects I create for that! I will going to try to add the show here!! I just need to get my copy so I can work with it!!

Those things with the scallops are Marshmallow Pies!! My daughter was at the market with DH and when she look at those she said: "look Daddy those are like momy's punches!!" So they bring 2 boxes for me!! LOL

Hope you enjoy them, look for the tutorial on this projects later!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have being organizing!!

Wow, every time that I think that I need to organized is because I know that I have lots of stuff I am not using! Are you like me? Well today I start to get things out of my way because I really do not use them (there is a lot of stuff that I know that I am not using but I can not put them away, do you understand me? lol) So I get 2 boxes of stuff to sale! and let me tell you I already sold one of those boxes!! There was more than $600 in stuff, well please do not tell anyone about this, lol!

But besides organized I have to work do you know what I mean? I have kids!! and my oldest daughter's birthday is pretty soon so she forced me to do the Birthday's invitation and even do they are pretty simple (thanks GOD!) she wants some lil tricks and shine in there! so I added Liquid Applique and Stickles! She just love them and she told me: "the best part of doing your own invitation is that I can get Mom's special touch!" isn't she FANTASTICAL? those words made my day!


Friday, January 18, 2008

This week participant's entries

Thanks to all for send your entries last week! Can not wait to see what are you going to work for this week challenge! and you are going to love our next challenge! LOL! I hope you can get to do the mini album, is so simple and easy! Try it! and if you have any question, let me know! I did it in less than an hour, use this one as a gift for a love one in Valentine's Day.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3rd Week Challenge - Mini Album Tutorial

I can not beleive this is the 3rd week of the challenge! Thanks to all the ones that tried the box template and sent me your creations. I am going to be doing the slide show soon! so stay tune!

This week challenge comes with a tutorial, this is the project I did for our Online Escape in the Paper Wings forum (ANgels Only)! I hope you can give it a try so you can see how easy and quick is this gorgeous mini album! I used the Miss Moxie collection and I love it, is so brilliant! Hope you enjoy and if you have any question just let me know! Please share with us adding your link to the comments area or sending me the picture of your creation, HAVE FUN!!

What do you need?

Paper Collection with tags (SWIC works fine)at least 5 pp
Crop a dile
Stamps and Inks to coordinate
Something to score with, if you have the scor pal perfect!

Here is another samples done by my dear friend Rita Holmes!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick as 1, 2, 3

Hello Friends! A lil note to share with you a set of mini cards using one of my Favorite Set! Floral Favorites! I just love this set. Is so versatil and easy to use, cause you only have to ink and you're done! if you just need a set to do simply and easy stamped cards, this is the set for that! I also use the Doodle Bugs set for the Hello word, that is another favorite!

Also I want to remember you to send your project's picture to me today! because tomorrow I am going to release the 3rd week Challenge!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Wow!! I was really busy this weekend

You know what? I am really tired. I did 8 projects this weekend! Including a project I create (the sneak peak I show you) to showcase an entire collection of papers and you know what? you just need 5 pp with tags (I used Miss Moxie, is not that collection cute?, 2 brads, stamps and inks, of course if you want to add embelishments you are free to do it.

Then I did 2 projects for the Creative Clamshells Contest(one was the cards keeper I show you yesterday and the other one is this cute clear mini purse using the Floral Favorites Stamps set that I LOVE!!), 1 for the Chippers for chipboard (I show you this yesterday also) and 2 for the Office Supply Creativity that I will share with you later. Then I did Julie's project (the manila folder book) and Kelley's banner! I start with Rita's one but I could not finish it, so I have work to do, so I can share with you, LOL!

Hope you are doing great and working like me! LOL. I have to tell you that I feel better of my foot, YIHAAAAAAAAAA, I think that I am almost doing the Happy Dance!


PS Do not forget to post your challenge project (the box, it is really easy and fun!)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do you want stamps?

If your answer is YES!! (if there anyone out there that do not want some? LOL) You can get TAC stamps at my online store here! I just want to make sure that you have my online store link, so you can do your shopping there if you are in US or Puerto Rico and if you do not, just send me an e-mail with your stuff and I can figure out something for you!

So have FUN shopping and remember that you can get a ½ price product, a Level A set and 3 GWP with your order of $100.00 so if you want to buy for yourself, gifts or have a catalog party with your friends, just ask me the details! (Hostess benefits are not available in my online store, so be sure to contact me first! so I can get you the best deal!)


PS Here another challenge from the Online Escape in Angel's Only Forum!! THe challenge was to use Chipboard!

What can you do with a clamshell?

Have you ever think on this? Well I used them to organize scraps, cards, embelishments for chocolate nuggets! But today I was challenge in the Angel's Only Forum to do a creative project with them! So this is one of my takes, I already did 2and have other one on the table but I am off to bed, so maybe tomorrow I can finish it!

Hope you like it! Any question just let me know, maybe I add the instruction later, but now I need to rest!

Have fun!


A sneak peak on this week project!

I am sooo sorry for not being here as I wish! but this weekend was TAC Leadership Retreat in San Antonio. I could not make it cause of my foot!!!! but I am working with an Online Escape in our Angel's Forum. I had a business part and a project to do! (YES!! I am going to share with you later!) So I was really busy with this and that is the reason I have not being here!

If you are an Angel please go here and join the FUN and if you are not an Angel, maybe you need to get your wings with the NEW promo ($79.80 in stamps sets for FREE, check it out here)

I am going to try to post here soon the project, but here is a preview!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

10,000 hits YIPEEEEE!!

I can not beleive it! I have 10,000 hits already!! Thanks for all your support, for visiting my blog and post your comments, I really apreciate them!

Here a mini bag I did just trying to see it something work!! (it holds two nuggets) and is just easy.

Take 2 pieces of pattern paper (31/2 x 2 3/4)
Glue them together and score it at 1½ and 2 on the 3 1/2 side (This is the part I was trying to know: if the papers do not move when I glue two pieces together and I worked in a tiny piece of paper on my table! and this was the result)
Use the Round corner in all 4 sides
Do the holes (I used the crop-a-dile) add ribbon and you are done!

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2nd week Challenge- Box Template

Since LOVE is in the air! I did this template so you can use it for your Valentine's Day Gifts, you can fill it with chocolates, cookies or whatever treat you likes more!

Here are the datils:

You need an 8 X 8 pattern paper

*Score it at 2" and 6" on both directions, as you see in the template

*Now you have a 4" square in the midle (see template)

*With a scallops scissors trim the outer edges (optional, but it looks great!)

*Cut with a straight scissor on the bold lines (as you see in the template)

*Fold the sides of the box and adhere them in place.

*Embelish and fill as you desire.

Here is my sample:

Have fun and share with me!


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1st week challenge participants

Hello! This is a short post just to post all the participants for the 1st week challenge participants!

Thanks for your cards! I love them! Keep them coming and wait until tomorrow for the 2nd week challenge post, you do not want to miss it!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Look NO scallops punches!! 5 minutes card

Yess!! I know I am using a lot my scallops punches, but I LOVE THEM!! today a good friend come to my house and punch a bunch of those!! and that gives me an idea! for all of you that want the punch! If you can buy it now, I gladly sell it to you *here*, if you are not in USA or territories TAC can not send it to you, but let me know and I can send it to you! we can figure it out with the shipping! BTW click here to see some of the new MOST HAVE sets from the new catalog!

But if you still want some punches but not want to buy the punch I can sell the diecuts to you if you want (you pay only for the cardstock! and shipping) send me an e-mail and we can get work it out! I know how it feels to want some scallops punches for our projects! LOL

Well but today I do not use scallops punches! This is a window card I did for a challenge on an Angel's Only Forum (I LOVE the forum, there is a bunch of angels gathering to share ideas, projects, challenges, etc, that is another great thing of being an ANGEL! ask me if you want to get your wings!, is really worthy, evend do you just want to do it as a hobbyist!) Here is my take for it, hope you like it, the photo is not great (I need to work something to get better pictures in my dark room!)


PS Remember tomorrow is the last day to post or submit your First Week Challenge!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quick and Simple Love card

Yes!! I am using my scallop punch again!! LOL. This is a simple and quick card! I love the results, do I told you that I love Circle Sampler and Love Doodle sets? Well if I have not tell you before, I just have to share! my LOVE for this sets they make everything easy! starting for the scallop and plain circle punches! I just have a lot of FUN using them. Don't you love this simple card! I love the color combo, have you notice it yet? LOL

I am celebrating Three Kings Day with my girls so I do not have much time to be arround, talk to you later!


PS THANKS for the cards submitions using my sketch, remember you have until Wednesday when I am going to post the next challenge!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Remember the Challenge -Guideline in Spanish!

Just a lil note to remember you about the Sketch challenge that is running right now here! I have some request to post the details in Spanish so here they are! If you want to see the post about the challenge click here!

Estuve pensando en hacer algo diferente en el blog y decidí compartir con ustedes un proyecto semanal como un challenge para tí. Como esta es la primera semana del año, el challenge será sencillo: un "sketch", pero estaré trabajando tutoriales, clases con tema específico como por ejemplo: Amor, Madres, etc, plantillas, técnicas y detalles creativos que te reten a trabajar con tus sellos y "gooddies" en tus proyectos pendientes. Como parte de este proyecto, estaré regalando un "goodie bag" entre las participantes de los retos! durante ese mes (debes participar en al menos un reto, si participas en todos es mucho mejor pues recibes un "ticket" por cada participación, además de haber adelantado tus proyectos.

Talvez no pueda dejar mensajes todos los días, como quisiera, pero al tener un challenge semanal nos mantenemos en contacto! Este es el link al sketch del reto de esta semana, el primer sketch del 2008! Recuerda que los sketchs son sólo para inspiración y puedes trabajarlo como desees, puedes virarlo, alterarlo un poco, incluyendo el mensaje!


PS Recuerda dejar un comentario con el link a tu blog, si no tienes blog me puedes enviar un e-mail con el proyecto y lo publicaré en mi blog en el Slide Show de esa semana!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January Special and Promos


I just want to share with you this Special Promo from TAC. Start your year organizing your space! Is the best way to keep us motivated and having fun with our memories!

This offer is awesome cause you can get them for FREE!! YES! if you sign up and get your WINGS from January 2 - February 29 you get them FREE!! But if you only want to buy this sets you can get them all for $55.95 and the retail price is $79.80. So do not wait get them now!


First Day to order!! Wooo hooooo!

I cannot beleive that today is January 2nd--it is the first date to begin ordering from The Angel Company's Spring/Summer Inspiration Book & catalog. Is GREAT! I love the new paper collections, the scallop punches, the bind it all and of course LOTS of gorgeous STAMPS!! Wouldn't you love to see them? If you want contact me to order your copy or you can receive it for FREE!! Yesss, and here's how...

The catalog retail price is $4.95 + shipping, but I'd love to give you a copy for FREE! Join one of my long distance stamping clubs. The club's duration is six months and all you need to do is purchase at least $30 of TAC stuff(plus shipping and tax) from me each month. Each month the designated hostess will receive her choice of at least one Level A Hostess Set and any ½ price product,yes you are RIGHT any product from the catalog. The hostess rotates each month--the first to sign up in a group gets the first month's hostess benefits, and so on. Orders are due by the 15th of each month--each member will email me or call me with her order, and once I have figured up the total including sales tax and shipping, I'll email her an invoice through PayPal or Pro Pay where she'll have the option of paying securely with an electronic check/debit card, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. That's it--just email me with your name and mailing address, and I'll get a free catalog out to you as soon as you contact me. My club members receive special promotions, free suplements, and monthly project ideas, tips, and techniques! I'd love to have you on my Club so I can share with you all the new stuff I create!

Have stamping FUN,

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Are you ready for 2008? - A Sketch Challenge

Yes!! I want to share with you a weekly project as a challenge for you to try. Today is NEW year! so I just going to challenge you with a Sketch, but I am going to do tutorials, theme classes, templates,techniques and creative things to challenge to you to work with your stamps and goodies! I am going to be doing a monthly goodie bag raffle for all of you that try at least one of my weekly challenges that month.

Maybe I can not post daily, but I am going to have a weekly challenge for you! and this is the sketch for you to try this week, the FIRST week of 2008! Remember that is only a sketch you can work it out as you want, you can turn it, altered it, including the saying!


PS Remember to post a comment with the link to your blog, or if you do not have a blog you can send me your photo to my e-mail and I am going to upload it to my blog in a Slide Show for that week!

Happy 2008

Hello and Happy NEW YEAR!!

I am soo happy to start a new year! I wish you all the best this new year and lots of stamps to have fun! LOL

Seriously, I want to said that 2007 was a great year for me in all aspects, family, personal and professional, yes stamping is my passion and share with you is my profession!

My girls are doing pretty well with the homeschool and that means a lot for me! They love to share my passion and the hav talent!! (I am not the only one that said so! LOL) and they are BIG!! I do not have babies anymore!!

I have a great husband that loves me and supports me and I can share with him what I am doing (sometimes he takes my creations, but that is FUN too)We have grow a lot this year and we have a special time together!

We went to Texas!! We want to move over there so we went on June to see if that can be a dream come true, so we still working on that!

I signed up with TAC in 2006 so I went to my FIRST seminar last year and I won a CROWN, LOL!! it was not the crown, it was the fact that they recognized me for being a Rising Star and a Top Recruiter, for me it was a surprise and a great one, because I just went to have fun and to met my online Angel Friends! I love to share with everyone about my passion and that is all that I do! is a blessing for me!

Then I started this blog on August and I remember that my DH asked me do someone read your blog? LOL, I want to said now that YES!! someone reads my blog! it has only being almost 5 months next week and I have a lil bit more than 9,500 hits! so someone likes my blog, LOL!

WOW, now I have more FRIENDS!! and that is PRICELESS!!

Thanks for all your support and your friendship! I am going to start some new projects so keep your eyes around, I can not wait to start!!